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Long Earth – Once Around The Sun

Our good friends from Scotland; Brilliant story telling album! Neo proggy, folky, somtimes bit of Neil Young? All instruments are equal, but some guitars are more equal 🙂
Loved The Source already, but this one‘s another story; love it big big! Well done!!!

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2 thoughts on “Long Earth – Once Around The Sun

  1. Hello everyone. I have just issued my first Cd entitled oh no it’s Prog! Would you be interested in rewieving it? What do I have to do?Thanks

    1. Hi Nicola,

      Thanks for your message and offer; if you want us to review and play your album, please send it digital via dropbox/wetransfer/email (mp3‘s to with any additional information and we‘ll take of it!

      Cheers mate, looking forward to listen to your tunes….L.

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